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Harrell Under TN House Arrest Until Vehicular Homicide Trial

The legal difficulties just seem to keep coming for former 3 Doors Down bassist Robert Todd Harrell. In the latest encounter with the Tennessee justice system, the 42-year-old musician was ordered by a judge to move from his home in Mississippi to some residence in Nashville until he is brought to trial on a charge of vehicular homicide.

We've written about Harrell a number of times on this blog. Readers will likely recall that, according to official records, Harrell has been arrested three times in the past two years on charges related to driving under the influence. The vehicular homicide charge stems from an accident in April 2013 in which a Harrell is accused of causing the death of another driver.

Harrell has been free on bail in connection with that charge. 

What brought him back before the court late last month was an arrest in Mississippi earlier in February. Authorities there allege Harrell was driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol at the time.

During a hearing in Nashville on Feb. 28, prosecutors argued that the latest charge against Harrell should warrant the revocation of his bond for the sake of public safety. But Harrell's attorney suggested house arrest, calling it appropriate under state law requiring that judges apply the least restrictive measures to assure a defendant appears for trial.

The judge gave Harrell an hour to secure a place to live or go to jail. He met that deadline and under terms of the court's order, he must remain his residence at all times, except for legal appointments. He must also wear electronic monitoring.

We feel that what this story reflects is two significant things, the vigor with which authorities seek to hold individuals accountable for alleged DUI, and the importance of a person charged with such a crime working with an attorney to ensure their rights are protected.

Source: The Tennessean, "3 Doors Down bassist placed under house arrest after judge gives him hour to find home," Maranda Faris and Brian Haas, Feb. 28, 2014