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Vehicular Homicide & Child Support

What is Ethan, Hailey, and Bentley’s Law?

Ethan, Hailey, and Bentley’s Law went into effect on January 1, 2023. The goal of this law is to make people think twice before they decide to drive while intoxicated, and Tennessee is the first state to pass a law like this. With this law now in effect, any person convicted of vehicular homicide in which the victim was a parent of a child under the age of eighteen will have to pay child support or maintenance as a form of restitution.

How is Restitution Determined Under Ethan, Hailey, and Bentley's Law?

The court will determine the child support amount by considering a number of factors including the financial needs and resources of the child and the surviving guardian, the standard of living the child was accustomed to, and the physical and emotional condition of the child. These payments will have to be made until the child turns eighteen and has graduated high school. If the person ordered to pay child support is incarcerated and unable to make payments, the payments will start no later than one year after the person is released from custody.

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