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A Year After Accident, Woman Faces DUI Charges

Many people wrongfully assume that charges need to be filed at the time of an accident or incident, if they are going to be filed at all. However, some incidents may be under investigation for some period of time before formal charges are actually pursued against a person. One case in Tennessee highlights the point that charges can come about some time after an incident as a woman is just now facing DUI charges a year after an accident.

The accident happened in the fall of 2013. A 36-year-old woman was driving when she reportedly pulled into the path of another vehicle. The other driver needed to be transported by ambulance for medical care, and the 36-year-old woman needed to be airlifted and treated.

Police said she was disoriented and couldn't answer questions posed to her. A blood sample was taken, and she was tested for alcohol. No alcohol was found in her blood, although a report released sometime later noted the presence of prescription drugs that indicated impairment at the time of driving. She was then arrested for DUI and also other charges.

The DUI charges the woman faces can be quite serious in Tennessee. Anyone facing DUI charges who has been subjected to any kind of chemical tests has the right to review the testing process to identify potential legal challenges to pursue before the court. Doing so successfully could result in certain prosecution evidence being ruled inadmissible at trial, which could dramatically affect the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

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