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Crash Leads to Drunk Driving Charges for Tennessee Songstress

Anytime there is a car accident of any kind and police are called, police may evaluate drivers to see if impairment or some other form of negligence may have been the cause of the crash. This was the case after a recent Tennessee car accident. Police ended up filing drunk driving charges against a country music Grammy winner named Lynn Anderson after an accident.

The accident happened on a Thursday evening. An officer responded to the scene of the accident and felt that the singer was showing signs of being impaired. Then, according to police, she admitted that she had consumed alcohol and also admitted to having taken prescription medication, although it is not reported what that medication was.

Lynn Anderson was released from police custody after paying bond. She has a scheduled court date later in the fall to face the charges against her. The country singer also had a DUI charge in 2004, which had occurred in another state. She has also apologized for the incident that made the news.

Drunk driving charges in Tennessee can lead to fines, loss of a driver's license, enrollment in an alcohol treatment program and other consequences if a person were to be found guilty. If there are any subsequent DUI convictions in a person's background, those potential penalties can be increased according to how many DUI convictions a person may have. It is wise for anyone facing drunk driving charges to be aware of the possible penalties and how a DUI charge and conviction can impact a person.

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