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DUI Charges Are Filed After Accident in Tennessee

When a car accident leads to police involvement and responding police suspect some form of intoxication, a driver may have more to worry about than just the condition of his or her vehicle. One man in Tennessee recently wrecked his car and the end result was DUI charges filed against him. The man was reported to be a former worker at the county jail in Monroe County, Tennessee.

The man was driving on the highway when he lost control of his vehicle at some point. This caused the car to run off the road and into an embankment. The car also hit a stop sign. It eventually stopped on another road.

Police on the scene noted the man was intoxicated and cited slurred speech for this analysis. The man also reportedly admitted to drinking and there was alcohol found inside the vehicle. It is unclear what kind of tests may have been administered, if any, and what the results of those tests may have been. He was arrested and charged with DUI.

DUI charges in Tennessee often hinge on the results of blood tests, breath tests or field sobriety tests, or a combination of all. The results of any of these tests can be disputed and challenged in court based on a number of factors, including the subjective nature of field sobriety tests in general. This man may want to familiarize himself with the results of any tests and what basis he may have for challenging any results or any other pieces of purported evidence that could impact how a case unfolds.

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