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Being Accused of Sex Crimes in Tennessee Can Impact Life Overall

Some criminal charges are seen as more sensational and newsworthy than others, particularly allegations related to sex. Sex crimes are exploited in the media, and the person accused can find him or herself the target of public scorn before the case even gets to court. The mere accusation of being involved in sex crimes in Tennessee can affect a person's reputation, livelihood, and well-being.

Being convicted of certain sex crimes typically results in a court order to register as a sex offender. This can be for life. Registry on the list can affect where you are allowed to live and work. Proximity and association with establishments such as daycares and schools may be limited. 

Because of the seriousness and possible life-altering ramifications of being convicted and subject to being listed as a sex offender, it is important to have insight as to how a case may proceed and how evidence may be handled if you have been charged. A sex crime case often hinges on victim testimony and/or the results of an interrogation. A legal representative may be able to more effectively help a client deal with a sex crime charge if retained at the earliest possible opportunity, even before an arrest has been made.

Our firm takes cases involving sex crimes very seriously, and we understand what is at stake. The possible ramifications of being convicted in Tennessee are outlined on our website. We have also more information about the importance of an effective defense strategy in preparing for court proceedings.