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Internet Crime Encompasses a Wide Range of Activities

Technology has penetrated virtually every aspect of life. It has also opened the door to Internet crime, which can carry serious consequences for those arrested and convicted in Tennessee. Because of the speed with which technology is changing, some people in Tennessee may be unaware of what constitutes Internet crime and how important it is to have a solid defense strategy if accused of any crimes that fall under the umbrella of Internet crime.

One Internet crime making news is identity theft. This in itself can encompass many activities, one of which can relate to credit card fraud. Online auction and wire fraud are also considered Internet crimes. These charges can be state or federal offenses depending on the specific details of the situation.

Another form of Internet crime that regularly makes the news relates to child pornography. The possession and distribution of pornography featuring minors are both punishable crimes. Stalking can be just as much an offense online as in person. Being accused of cyberstalking should not be taken lightly.

The government and law enforcement agencies both have countless resources they use to investigate and prosecute Internet crime cases. Anyone accused of Internet crime in Tennessee deserves a legal representative who also has a network of resources and who will dedicate him or herself to each case. Because it is such a new area of law and the consequences may be unclear, many accused of Internet crime are confused. Fortunately, our website has more information about Internet crime in general and the resources that may be needed to fight charges related to online activities.