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Woman Faces DUI Charges in Tennessee After Crash

A disoriented driver and a crash led to police filing charges recently. The police filed DUI charges against a Tennessee woman after she crashed into a mailbox and was allegedly involved in a previous incident where she ran her SUV into a ditch. She also faces other charges related to the incident.

The 28-year-old allegedly hit the mailbox at 9 a.m., and the police came to the scene. The police reported she was disoriented and seemingly high on aerosol gases, although there is no mention of specific testing to prove any form of intoxication. There were 13 cans of whipped cream in her vehicle that were mostly empty.

The woman faces multiple charges, including failure to report an accident and driving under the influence. The woman also has past charges for DUI, driving with a suspended or revoked license, underage possession of alcohol and violating probation. She has reportedly been arrested a total of 10 times for these previous infractions.

When someone faces DUI charges in Tennessee, any previous DUI convictions can up the stakes as criminal consequences can increase with each conviction. Despite any previous convictions, anyone arrested on DUI charges in Tennessee is entitled to a solid defense in a court of law and can benefit from understanding possible defense options, plea bargain opportunities and ways in which any alleged evidence may be used against him or her. Also, any evidence brought forth in the form of test results or observations by officers can be challenged in court and possibly dismissed under certain circumstances.

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