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Woman in Tennessee Faces DUI Charges, Other Accusations

A Tennessee car accident can quickly result in an arrest if police believe intoxication was a factor or there are items found at the scene that indicate drug or alcohol use. One woman was recently arrested after an accident. She now faces DUI charges and a slew of other charges related to her actions at the scene and items which police say they found there.

The woman was involved in an accident after she apparently crossed the center line and hit another car, narrowly missing another vehicle behind the one her vehicle struck. Police say she was uncooperative with responders, had slurred speech and did not take a field sobriety test. According to police, she also almost fell a few times.

While the woman initially denied taking anything, she apparently did later say she took Xanax. Police say there were items in the car indicative of drug use. These items included cut straws, spoons with burns, syringes and powder residue. A bottle with 35 pills for which she did not have a prescription for were also apparently found on her at the jail.

She faces Tennessee DUI charges in addition to possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia charges and also accusations related to the crash itself. The consequences for the drug charges and the DUI charges can include fines, jail time and possibly mandatory drug treatment. Legal guidance may be able to provide insight as to what charges could be reduced and possibly dropped, depending upon the extent of the gathered evidence, including any evidence establishing intoxication or lack of evidence documenting use of a specific intoxicant.

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