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Campus Police Seek Sexual Assault Suspect

When a sexual assault is reported, police typically seek to question the individual accused in order to get an accurate or clear idea of what occurred. If police decide to press charges after finding and interviewing an individual suspected of sexual assault, that person can face a wide range of possible consequences. The outcome will likely depend heavily on the evidence -- or lack of it -- that is gathered. Recently, a student at Middle Tennessee State University reported a sexual assault and campus police are on the look-out for the individual involved.

The alleged assault happened in the middle of a recent Friday afternoon on campus. The student who complained says she was approached by an individual. That person apparently asked her to take a picture with him. She did so and claims that is when the assault occurred.

The victim in this case left after the incident and says the man followed her as she made her way to the student union building. She reported that he touched and grabbed her inappropriately. No other details were given as to what exactly he did. He was described as being 5'8 with crooked teeth and of Middle Eastern descent.

Once the man is located, the sexual assault charge can lead to fines, probation and/or jail time if -- and only if -- a conviction is ultimately secured. However, these types of cases are often difficult to prove, especially if they lack witnesses and physical evidence. There may be conflicting ideas concerning what exactly happened, including exactly what constitutes inappropriate touching, making it imperative that anyone charged understands the details of the charges and what defense options may be available in Tennessee.

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