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Investigation Leads to Arrest of Politician for Sexual Assault

With this being a presidential election year, politicians are in the news nearly every day. One county commissioner here in Tennessee is even making news, but not because he is up for re-election. He did so because he was arrested for sexual assault and other charges stemming from a joint investigation involving the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The 71-year-old man is accused of engaging in sexual relations with a minor. The incident allegedly occurred in April. The investigation, which lasted approximately three months, began in May after reports were made to officials. He faces two counts of exploitation of a minor, aggravated statutory rape and aggravated assault.

The charges do not end there. Supposedly, he attempted to intimidate a witness by firing a weapon. Additional charges of witness coercion, carrying a firearm in a government building and misdemeanor theft were also filed against him.

The Giles County commissioner was transported to jail on a $75,000 bond at last report. No further information regarding the victim or the circumstances under which the alleged incidents occurred was provided. Reports did not indicate whether the man engaged legal counsel as soon as the accusations arose.

When an individual becomes aware that he or she is the target of a criminal investigation in Tennessee, it would be advantageous to engage criminal defense counsel right away. Far too much is at stake not to do so. Law enforcement officials are required to follow certain laws and procedures in order to protect the rights of the person under investigation, and his or her attorney can help ensure that happens. Furthermore, any contact the individual has with investigators or prosecutors can be closely monitored.

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