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Man Charged with Sexual Assault After Incident on Street

An encounter on a street has led to criminal charges against a man who already has a list of arrests and convictions in the state. The incident that led to a sexual assault charge took place on the streets of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 30-year-old has had a $9,000 bond set and must appear in court to face the complaint.

The incident began as a woman was walking to a vehicle with her brother. She says the man came up behind her and stuck his hand up her dress. A fight then broke out after the alleged assault, and the woman says she was hit in the mouth.

The police took a description of the man after the woman found an officer and relayed the details of the incident. The police identified the assailant, and he reportedly admitted to sexually assaulting the woman. He has been charged with sexual battery and also public intoxication. He has five years' worth of criminal charges and also a record amount of unpaid fines of over $130,000.

The sexual assault charges filed against this man can lead to a number of criminal consequences. In this case and other similar cases in Tennessee, the past convictions of an individual may lead to an increase in the potential penalties for a particular incident. A sexual assault case can become complex due to the fact that incidents such as this can have varying details in the report. Even though police contend the man admitted to the assault, that confession may not be admissible as evidence. Whether or not the confession can be used as evidence will depend on the circumstances under which that admission was obtained and if the person understood the situation he or she was in at the time of admission.

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