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Man Jumps in Pond, Faces DUI Charges and Other Charges

When police pull over a person driving because of a traffic issue, they may pursue suspicions of other alleged crimes if they feel there is reason to suspect something else is going on. Recently in Tennessee, police pulled over a man for a broken tail light and ended the night by talking the man out of a pond where he fled. The man involved in this unusual incident is now facing DUI charges and other charges.

When police pulled the 27-year-old over, the officer reported smelling alcohol and observed a beer can in the car. When asked about it, the driver allegedly took off from the officer. The man then drove through a Walmart parking lot where he eventually stopped. However, he fled the car and jumped over a fence leading to a pond, into which he ran.

Police talked the man into leaving the pond as he said he could not swim. According to police, he had been smoking crack and then apparently told the police he ate two bags of crack before jumping into the water. He was treated at a hospital and faces a number of charges related to the incident.

The man faces DUI charges, felony evading and driving on a suspended license, among other charges. He has a past charge related to drug possession and a violation of probation on his record. In Tennessee, these charges can lead to possible jail time, further loss of a license and high fines. In cases such as this, the initial reason for being pulled over must have been valid, and anyone who believes he or she was pulled over in violation of recognized legal rights may be able to challenge any evidence purported to have been found as a result of that traffic stop.

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