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Tennessee Crash Leads to DUI Charges for Man

Any kind of traffic infraction can lead to attention from patrolling officers, and running a red light can certainly draw attention from Tennessee police. This kind of traffic infraction recently led to police filing DUI charges against a man driving on Tennessee roadways. His running a red light led to a terrifying car accident.

The incident started as police followed a car after it allegedly ran a red light. The person being pursued then hit another vehicle on the roadway. Upon that collision, the suspect jumped out of the vehicle and allegedly ran away. He was then taken into custody by police on the scene.

The two people who were in the vehicle that was hit became trapped inside the wreckage until rescue workers could extricate them. Those people were taken to a hospital for treatment, and there was no report as to any specific injuries. However, it was reported that other charges aside from DUI may be filed in this case, but no specific potential charges were listed.

After a car accident results in DUI charges against a Tennessee resident, the aftermath can lead to additional and more serious criminal charges against that individual. Also, an attempt to run away from police can also lead to additional charges. The charges that could result from this type of scenario can lead to jail time, high fines and loss of a license. Those charged in Tennessee may benefit from knowing how each charge may be pursued and if any defense strategies can help lead to a dismissal of some or all of the charges filed depending on the situation and purported evidence.

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