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Vehicular Homicide Cases in Tennessee Can Be Complicated

An accident involving alcohol or drugs that results in the death of an individual may lead to a vehicular homicide charge in some cases. For those in Tennessee who find themselves in a situation where an accident results in the death of another can seek legal guidance so as to understand the facts about vehicular homicide charges and the circumstances under which such a charge may be filed. It is also in the best interests of those charged to be aware of defense options that may be applicable in certain cases.

One main factor of a vehicular homicide case is whether it can be proved that alcohol was the cause of the accident and the death. Simply showing alcohol was involved on the part of one driver in the accident is not enough to charge a person with such a serious offense. Even if alcohol was involved, there may be other factors that make a vehicular homicide charge one which is unwarranted and would likely not result in prosecution.

As far as defense options are concerned, one vital step by a defense attorney would be to pinpoint the definitive cause of the accident. A careful review of the facts is as necessary as a thorough investigation. One example of a cause of an accident that may initially seem like a vehicular homicide charge may be forthcoming is if someone under the influence hits a pedestrian. However, if an investigation shows that the pedestrian walked out in front of the car and the accident could not have been avoided by any driver, the cause may not rest with the driver who was under the influence.

The possible complications and extenuating circumstances that can surround an accident make it imperative that anyone in Tennessee who is charged with vehicular homicide knows the benefits of comprehensive legal support. Vehicular homicide charges can lead to possible jail time and other serious consequences and should not be viewed lightly. Our website has more information about what legal support can mean when someone is facing a vehicular homicide charge.