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Man Faces Sexual Assault Charges After Incident in Tennessee

Any kind of sexual encounter that results in criminal charges against one party can lead to serious consequences. An incident at a Tennessee apartment complex has led to sexual assault charges against a man. The girl at the center of the incident is a 13-year-old.

The incident unfolded as the girl was walking through the complex. She told police she was approached by the man and he asked her for sex. She reports that she said no and he attempted to forcibly make her have sex with him.

When another person came around the corner where the incident was taking place, the man reportedly ran away. The alleged victim then identified the man through a photo line-up. The man was arrested. He faces charges of attempted aggravated rape and counts of aggravated sexual battery. Bond was set for the 23-year-old man at an amount of $125,000.

Sexual assault charges involving a minor alleged victim can lead to high fines, probation, jail time and possibly registry as a sexual offender. Anyone in Tennessee arrested for any level of sexual assault charges should be keenly aware of the possible consequences and how those charges may impact that person's life. Any incident resulting in charges can be extremely complex as it may only involve the word of two people and be difficult to decipher what actually occurred. It is imperative that anyone charged understands the evidence and how any purported evidence may be used by the prosecution as a means of pursuing a criminal case.

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