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Mom in Tennessee Faces DUI Charges After Drugs Found

All too often, people associate a DUI charge with driving under the influence of alcohol. However, DUI charges can stem from being under the influence of drugs while being behind the wheel of a vehicle. That vehicle also does not have to necessarily be in motion at the time police intervene. Such was the case recently in an incident at a Tennessee gas station. 

The incident began as employees at the gas station called the police. They reported the woman had been in their bathroom for about 45 minutes. Police confronted the woman, who had finally made it back to her car and was sitting behind the wheel with the engine running. Police stated that she was fidgety and unable to answer their questions or perform satisfactorily a field sobriety test.

Police searched the car and the woman. They found pills in the driver's side door and also heroin. More pills were inside the car, and a needle was allegedly found in the woman's bra. Cocaine and methamphetamine were also found. The woman's eight-year-old son was also in the car with her.

The Tennessee woman is facing 12 charges now. She has been charged with possession of contraband and also DUI with a child. The fact that there was an underage child in the car can mean an increase in possible penalties if the case against the woman is pursued. In a case such as this, the legality of the search and seizure of items from the car and woman herself can have a major impact on the case and the DUI charges filed. Anyone charged based on evidence seized in a search can benefit from understanding if such a search was legal in the first place.

Source: kutv.com, "Tenn. mother charged with DUI, possession of heroin with young son in car", Adrian Mojica, Jan. 11, 2016