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Internet Crime Can Be Confusing in Tennessee

The evolution of technology has taken place at break-neck speed. The criminal aspect of the Internet and computer use, in general, may still be unclear or unknown to some who may not even be aware of what online activity may constitute a crime. Those facing charges of Internet crime in Tennessee should be keenly aware of what activities may constitute a crime as well as what kind of evidence may be used in cases of Internet crimes.

Many Internet crimes involve fraud of some sort and other activities related to computer use. For example, fraudulent use of a credit card online can be pursued as an Internet crime. Online auctions are popular and can lead to charges of fraud. If the Internet, or online communication, is used when wire fraud occurs, that action may constitute an Internet crime. Stalking online is also a crime as is involvement in Internet viruses.

One vital piece of evidence that can be used when Internet crimes are charged is the computer of the accused. Forensic experts can analyze online information and gather what they deem as relevant. However, when any experts for the prosecution analyze alleged online evidence, the defense should also be able to independently review any so-called evidence or computer information.

Computer and Internet crime can be extremely complex as high-tech evidence can be difficult to decipher. Anyone in Tennessee who has been accused of Internet crimes should ensure any defense comes from a legal professional who has experience in this new field of criminal law. Our web site has more information about Internet crimes and legal issues involving cyberspace.