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Teen Is Alleged Victim of Sexual Assault in Tennessee

Hazing incidents have made news lately, and some have resulted in criminal charges. An alleged incident related to hazing between members of a high school basketball team has resulted in criminal charges due to an alleged sexual assault of one player. Three of the Tennessee basketball players are charged with assault and aggravated rape of the teammate.

The incident occurred as the team was at a rental cabin for a basketball tournament. The victim in the incident was reportedly sodomized with a pool cue. The incident was also described as torture by three of the teammates.

A family member said the child collapsed the next day and was taken to the hospital. His colon and bladder were ruptured, and he needed emergency surgery. At the time of reports, the victim was still in the hospital recovering from the assault.

All of the persons involved in this incident, including the victim, are minors. The possible criminal consequences for minors charged with sexual assault or any other serious crime in Tennessee will be different compared to the possible consequences for an adult or a previous offender. The sexual nature of the alleged crime may also mean registry on the sexual offender list in Tennessee, which can greatly impact the future of those accused in this case. Anyone, minor or adult, who is charged with sexual assault, rape or any other sexual crime may benefit from realizing the potential defense options available and how the possible consequences can impact his or her future.

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