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Man Faces Allegations of Sexual Assault of Girlfriend's Daughter

It can be a challenge for couples, whether married or unmarried, to meld their lives together when one of the parties has a child. In some cases, allegations of sexual assault are made at some point during the relationship. These accusations can have devastating effects on the lives of everyone involved regardless of whether they are true. However, the damage done to the life of the Tennessee resident who faces charges as a result of the allegations might be irreparable.

In January, a woman went to police to accuse her boyfriend of raping her daughter. The couple had lived together for at least five years. The abuse allegedly began when the girl was 9-years-old. She is now 14-years-old, and it was only when the mother noticed that her daughter was ill often that she questioned her.

The girl turned out to be pregnant, and she accused her mother's boyfriend of being the father. She told her mother that the abuse had been going on for years. Supposedly, the last time he allegedly raped her was in Dec. 2015. The teenager asserts that this is when she became pregnant. The Tennessee man was arrested on charges of rape on July 1.

Before he is convicted of any crime, prosecutors will be required to prove the allegations of sexual assault are true beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. This man is entitled to be presumed innocent unless or until that happens. Furthermore, he has the right to review any of the alleged evidence, confront witnesses in court and present a defense to the rape charges.

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