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You Deserve Representation If You Are Accused of a Computer Crime

As the computer industry continues to evolve, so does the law regarding the use of electronic mediums such as the internet, email and social media. If you are accused of computer crime by the state of Tennessee or the federal government, you deserve representation. The criminal defense counsel that you select needs to not only understand the law, but computers as well.

More than likely, the investigation that led to your arrest involved people trained in computer forensics and cyber investigations. The evidence that supposedly points to your guilt may include technical jargon and complex processes. Your attorney will need to be able to cull through this information and either understand it or have access to someone who does. Otherwise, it might not be known whether your rights were violated, and it could be difficult to prepare an appropriate defense.

Computer crimes vary from internet fraud to cyber terrorism, and the definitions seem to change often as both the government and those who use and misuse computers become more sophisticated. Therefore, it is also necessary for your attorney to keep track of changes in the law and current cases that could affect how he or she defends you. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and the FBI have experts at their disposal, and so should you. 

Being accused of a computer crime could affect every part of your life. Not every attorney is equipped to handle this type of representation. You need someone on your side who can aggressively and intelligently defend your freedom and your rights.