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Tennessee Man Wrecks and Faces Drunk Driving Charges

An accident left some in the dark as it caused a power outage early on a Wednesday morning. The man behind the wheel at the time also fled the scene after crashing into a utility pole. The Tennessee driver now faces drunk driving charges.

The driver apparently hit a power pole and a fire hydrant before he fled the scene. He also plowed into a yard. The impact of hitting the pole ripped the utility lines from the house.

When police arrived, they followed alleged evidence at the scene straight to the man's home, where they found him inside. The man admitted to driving the vehicle and that he could have hit something. The headlight from his car was at the scene. He agreed to a blood test after police contend he showed indications of being impaired. He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

In addition to the drunk driving charges filed after this incident, it was reported that this is the third offense for the man. For each additional charge of drunk driving a person faces in Tennessee, the possible consequences escalate in severity. For example, the time without a driver's license and amount of fines typically get higher with each offense. This man and anyone else in his position could benefit from legal support to ensure any test given or evidence collected was done so in accordance with the law; furthermore, any possible defense strategies can be explored before a person faces a drunk driving charge in a Tennessee court.

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