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Allegations Of Domestic Violence Dismissed

Tennessee residents who find themselves taken to jail by authorities and charged with a crime may understandably feel very scared and unsure of what to expect next. Concerns that an arrest may all too easily lead to a conviction often arise. However, defendants are legally required to have the chance to clear themselves of charges if appropriate. 

One man in Tennessee has reportedly had two different charges against him dropped recently. The case involves allegations of physical abuse by a husband against a wife. According to reports, the woman asserted that her husband became angry about an unlocated piece of computer equipment and during the argument, she was pushed to the ground by him. For this, the man was charged with domestic assault. An order of protection was also put in place. With this, the man would have been prevented from going to the family home with his wife still living there.

A couple of weeks later, the man was informed that his wife was no longer at the home and, as such, he went to the house. For this, he was charged with violating the protective order. Both the charge for violating the order and the original domestic violence charge have since been dismissed although the defendant is only allowed to interact with his wife via the legal divorce proceedings.

After being arrested, Tennessee residents may find it helpful to learn about their defense options by talking with an attorney.

Source: The Tennessean, "Charges dropped in domestic assault case against Franklin alderman," Jordan Blue, March 30, 2017