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What is Sexual Battery?

Sexual battery is the touching of someone without their permission on a body part. It also could be elevated to aggravated sexual battery if you touch a private part of a child under 13. So there's a difference in punishment based upon the age of the person that's complaining.

Aggravated sexual battery is a class B felony in the state of Tennessee, which carries a range of punishment from eight to 30 years and that is mandatory jail time. In order to prove a sexual battery or aggravated sexual battery case, they need a witness. That evidence is sufficient solely on the testimony of the complaining witness. They don't need any corroborating evidence such as DNA or forensics or confessions.

Statutory rape is solely based upon the age of the person who was assaulted. If you have sexual relations whether consent or not with someone under 18-years old then you can be charged for statutory rape.