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Phrases to Never Say When a Cop Pulls You over for DUI

There are some very obvious signs that indicate to police a person drove while intoxicated. One man drove northbound on Interstate 81 in early September, whom police clocked going 120 miles per hour. In addition to DUI, the police also charged him with reckless endangerment and evading arrest. 

Drivers who have had even a little bit of alcohol to drink before driving should not give the cops more information that ultimately hurts their own cases. Many people put themselves in a bind by inadvertently saying something that implies they drank alcohol that evening. Here are a few sentences to never say to the cops. 

"I only had one beer."

The legal limit involves having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08. Most of the time, drinking one beer will not put you over that limit. However, the police can still arrest you if they believe you are a danger to yourself and others. Some people only need one drink to become intoxicated. Sometimes the police will catch a driver swerving, and even if the driver is below the legal limit, the cops can still make an arrest. Additionally, even if you say you had one drink, the cops will assume you had more. 

"My designated driver left me."

Law enforcement will not care about intent or motivation when it comes to drinking while driving. You may not have planned on driving drunk that night, but you did. If it is true and your designated driver does leave you, then you need to find another way home. 

"I do not usually drink."

You may be a model citizen, but that does not matter. Tennessee has zero tolerance laws when it comes to drunk driving. Even if you have an otherwise spotless record, the police will still place you under arrest. You have a right to remain silent when talking to the police, and it will help your case to say as little as possible.

People who are arrested for DUI should remember this important fact: there are defenses to the charge, even if the driver had been drinking and driving. They should speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney to learn about their legal options.