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The High Cost of a DUI

DUI charges are a headache, to say the least. Navigating the judicial system takes a lot of time and effort, and a conviction leads to numerous consequences both under the law and in other areas of life.

One such consequence is the financial cost of getting convicted of DUI. Just getting charged can lead to significant financial costs.

Vehicle expenses

Following an arrest, your vehicle will remain on the side of the road. You will have to pay for the towing. If the police impound your car, you will also have to pay a fee to get your car back. For collisions, factor in repair bills or a new vehicle if you totaled it. You can also expect your insurance rates to go up whether or not you crashed. A DUI makes you a liability risk for insurance companies.

Transportation expenses

If you lose your driving privileges, you will need to figure out another way to get around. That may mean paying to use a ride-sharing service, such as Uber, or public transportation. If you are unable to get to work, you risk losing your job and the only means to pay for all these financial penalties. Once you are eligible to regain your license, you will have to pay a $100 fee.

Legal expenses

Whether or not you have legal representation, you still have to pay court fees and a fine of hundreds to thousands of dollars for the offense. You may also have to install an ignition interlock device, which comes in about $1,000.

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, all in all, the estimated cost of just a first DUI racks up to nearly $5,000. With so much money at stake, it is best to get effective defense representation by an experienced attorney.