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Sumner County TN. Domestic Violence Alert

Domestic violence cases in Sumner County TN. are being handled a little differently in 2019. Once one is arrested for any type of domestic violence charge the cases are being set as soon as possible. Here is one example. A case that happened last week is being set this week. The Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure provides that cases shall be set within 10 days if a person cannot make a bail bond or within 30 days if a person makes bond.

Why do you think law enforcement is requesting a quick court date?  On occasion, police officers do not perform an in-depth investigation at the scene. The assistant district attorneys fill in the gaps by interviewing witnesses at court. Sumner County does not have victim-witnesses coordinators like their Davidson County prosecutors. Law enforcement does not want anyone to change their minds.

What should you do? First, you should never go to court without an experienced domestic violence lawyer. If you don't have the funds to hire one immediately or cant set up an appointment in time, go to court and request a continuance. Setting the case early is just another example that illustrates the deck is stacked against you.

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