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Man in Tennessee Faces Drunk Driving Charges After Trying to Flee

Whenever someone is suspected of being investigated for any kind of criminal offense or behavior, getting arrested for another charge can compound the situation. For one man in Tennessee who was suspected of one incident, being arrested and facing drunk driving charges could compound his legal troubles. The man faces drunk driving charges related to a Saturday morning incident.

The incident began when the police saw a vehicle that they contend was swerving. They approached the vehicle in question, and the man inside reportedly attempted to flee on foot. Police say they were able to catch up with the man. According to them, the man was too intoxicated for field sobriety tests.

The man faces several charges related to the incident, along with charges from a previous incident. He was accused of trying to hit a woman with his car and threatening a man with a box cutter. Now, he stands accused of evading arrest, driving with a revoked license and also driving under the influence.

Whenever someone is arrested and facing drunk driving charges, the evidence the prosecution typically intends to use field sobriety tests or blood tests in order to prove the charges in court. However, when there is no test proving intoxication, the case may be more difficult to pursue. As with any case, the person arrested in Tennessee or elsewhere is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty, and anyone arrested has the right to challenge the evidence that prosecutors seek to use against them. The man's defense counsel will likely scrutinize the arrest record and potential prosecution evidence in order to identify issues to address as the case moves forward.

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