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Driver Faces Drunk Driving Charges in Tennessee Multi-Car Crash

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles may easily result in a fatality. This seems to have been the result of a recent car accident in Tennessee involving six cars. One driver was arrested and now faces drunk driving charges.

The incident happened when the 27-year-old driver was traveling eastbound on the Interstate. He and three other vehicles crashed into two vehicles which had been stopped on the eastbound side of the roadway for unknown reasons. The multi-vehicle collision killed two parents, both 43 years of age. Tragically, their two teenage sons also died from injuries suffered in the crash.

Four other individuals suffered injuries, including the driver who was arrested for driving under the influence. The man was released from the local jail on a $2,500 bond the morning following the wreck. Apparently, the family that had been killed was heading out for a week-long family vacation. Authorities will be continuing investigations in order to determine what may have caused the two vehicles to stop in the middle of the freeway and if it may have played a role in causing the collision.

The extent of the evidence against the accused driver is unclear, though he will clearly have to focus on the specifics of the drunk driving charges. Alongside his defense counsel, it will be important to scrutinize the evidence that prosecutors intend to present in a Tennessee criminal court. Doing so may be helpful in determining the defense strategy best suited to achieving a favorable result. Many times, having a strong legal defense can minimize punishment, and in some cases, the charges may even be dismissed.

Source: The Tennessean, "Family killed in I-40 wreck was going on vacation", Brian Wilson and Getahn Ward, Oct. 5, 2014