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Accident Leads to DUI Charges for Tennessee Man

Whenever there is an accident and the police respond, they may investigate to see if there is suspicion of drunk driving or impairment of any kind. Recently, a Tennessee car accident led police to suspect a man of drunk driving. DUI charges are currently pending against the driver who wrecked his vehicle on a Saturday night.

Before the accident occurred, a police officer responded to reports that a van ran a light and was driving along the road in an erratic manner. However, the police officer was unable to contact or pull over the vehicle in question before the accident occurred. The van ran off the roadway and then struck a culvert before overturning.

The driver was treated at a medical facility after the accident. He was then released. There is a currently a warrant for his arrest as he has been charged with DUI. There was no word as to why police suspected the driver was intoxicated or if any kind of field sobriety tests or chemical tests were administered following the crash.

DUI charges in Tennessee are taken seriously, especially when a car accident has occurred. Often, the criminal case may hinge on the results of -- or lack of results -- of any tests given at the scene, station or hospital. Anyone facing drunk driving accusations may benefit by gaining an understanding regarding how these types of tests can be administered and how they may be appropriately challenged in court. There is a substantial difference between an allegation of driving under the influence and a conviction after trial. Before there can be any finding of guilt, prosecutors are charged with proving each and every element of the crime charged by competent evidence that is found to be beyond a reasonable doubt.

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