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Repeat Offender Facing DUI Charges in Tennessee

Any kind of legal situation involving the police can be worrisome and result in criminal charges. Whenever someone is arrested as a repeat offender for a certain offense, the possible penalties they could face can be more severe compared to a person who may be an alleged first-time offender. A Tennessee man recently found himself facing DUI charges, and the authorities claim he is a repeat offender, which could increase the need for sound legal advice and guidance.

The 59-year-old man was pulled over by police on a Sunday night. The police said he was making a U-turn while in an intersection. Once detained, the police say they found cause to charge the man with several offenses. However, it was not clear what made them believe the driver was under the influence at the time.

The man now faces a DUI charge, and police say this makes it his fourth time being charged. He was also charged for a third time with the offense of driving with a revoked license. In addition to those charges, he was also charged for driving with only one headlight functioning properly. The man was detained and scheduled for a bond hearing.

Any DUI charge in Tennessee can result in a myriad of possible penalties, ranging from fines, loss of license, enrollment in an alcohol treatment program and jail time under certain circumstances. However, criminal penalties only apply if prosecutors are actually able to obtain a conviction in court. A subsequent arrest can possibly lead to higher fines, longer time without a license and jail time. If someone is facing DUI charges and has had a past conviction, they will surely want to aggressively pursue defense options and focus on what defense strategies may work for their particular situation.  

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