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Tennessee woman faces charges including vehicular assault

The sounds of an accident drew the attention of residents in a Tennessee neighborhood. They prompted a call to authorities for assistance. As a result, a woman is now facing charges of a second DUI offense and also vehicular assault.

According to authorities, a 28-year-old woman was driving a car when she crashed into a parked car. Her car then struck another vehicle on the other side of the road. This awoke a 44-year-old woman who came outside of her residence and confronted the driver. As she did so, the driver ran into the woman with the car, knocking her to the ground. She suffered injuries that required medical attention.

The driver apparently fled the scene and drove through a yard, parking in a driveway. The police arrived and located the woman. She was apparently hiding in a dog house. She was allegedly intoxicated and had a revoked license. After being released from a hospital, the woman was placed under arrest.

The driver faces a number of serious charges, including vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident. In Tennessee, the DUI charge and related accusations can lead to serious consequences. Defense counsel will scrutinize the arrest record with regard to the specific crimes charged. While working to preserve the legal rights of the accused, motions for the exclusion of any evidence deemed inadmissible at trial will be prepared. At the same time, plea negotiations may result in an offer from prosecutors in order to give the woman an informed choice between accepting an agreement to plead guilty in exchange for specified concessions or proceeding to trial on the merits.

Source:, "Woman charged in alleged drunken hit-and-run", March 22, 2015

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