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Man Arrested for Drunk Driving Charges in Tennessee

Whenever there is an accident, the police may respond to investigate what occurred and may sometimes be surprised by what they find. When the accident happens on police grounds or involves a structure related to the police station, the police will likely conduct an investigation. That could result in an arrest if criminal behavior is suspected. Recently in Nashville, Tennessee, a man was arrested after hitting a gate at a police station. He now faces drunk driving charges as a result.

The incident occurred at a gate to the metro police station in Nashville. The man's vehicle hit the gate. He explained that he was under the impression that he was entering the ramp that led to the interstate. According to reports, the distance between the entrance to the highway and the road that led to the gate is roughly 100 feet.

The man was not hurt in the incident. However, he was charged with driving under the influence. The investigators involved with the case noted that this incident was his third arrest for drunk driving. It is unclear exactly what led the police to believe the man was under the influence other than the misjudgment of where the ramp was located.

Multiple drunk driving convictions can lead to increased penalties. However, reports do not indicate whether the man was ever convicted for any of the prior drunk driving charges. If he was never convicted, the man may face potential penalties typical of a first offense DUI in Tennessee. Anyone arrested for driving under the influence may find it helpful to understand the possible penalties, particularly how those penalties may increase if there are previous convictions on that person's criminal record. Regardless of the possibility of prior convictions, no conviction can be secured in the current case absent compelling evidence of intoxication regarding the pending charges.

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