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Speeding Tennessee Woman Arrested for DUI

Being pulled over for a traffic offense can open the door to bigger legal problems if police believe there may be other issues aside from the reason they initially stopped the driver. In fact, being pulled over for speeding can lead to charges of driving under the influence if police suspect a driver is impaired. In Tennessee, a woman was apparently driving over the speed limit, and a DUI arrest was the end result.

The incident happened on a Sunday along a local roadway in the Lynwood Park area of Franklin. The police reportedly clocked the woman's vehicle and contend that she was going 41 mph in a 30 mph zone. The police also report that the woman, a 57-year-old, did not pull over when they first attempted to get her to stop.

No specifics were reported as to why the police suspected she was impaired. She was taken into custody. Apparently, this was her second DUI arrest. She was also charged with speeding and being in violation of the implied consent law.

In this case, the woman was released on bond and has a future court hearing, initially scheduled for April 9. It may be beneficial to prepare for that hearing by having a full understanding of the alleged evidence that may possibly be used against her and her defense options. In Tennessee, a solid defense plan against a driving under the influence charge can possibly lead to a plea bargain, lesser charges or even outright dismissal of charges in some cases.

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