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Vehicular Assault Charges in Tennessee Require Aggressive Help

While any kind of accident may lead to serious consequences, an accident that results in criminal charges can necessitate experienced and dedicated legal help. If an accident in Tennessee results in charges of vehicular assault and involves alcohol, jail time may be a distinct possibility.  Nevertheless, just because a serious accident does involve alcohol does not automatically mean the individual involved should face vehicular assault charges.

Any case involving alcohol can get complicated. Simply because alcohol is considered to have been a factor does not mean that alcohol caused the injuries, death or damages. To pursue vehicular assault or vehicular homicide charges because of alcohol involvement, it must be proven that the use of alcohol was the cause of the accident and, therefore, the direct cause of injuries or death.

One example of how alcohol may be involved in an accident scenario but not the cause of the injuries can be if a person darts out in front of your car and is hit. When a person acted on his or her own to cause to the injury, you may not be accountable for those injuries. Because cases may be obscured and it may be difficult to prove the role alcohol directly played in an accident, it is crucial to secure experienced legal help to investigate every detail and provide ongoing support and guidance.

The authorities typically make a determination as to the root cause of a serious accident. Understandably, vehicular assault is a charge to be taken seriously, and guilt should never be assumed just because alcohol was involved in a Tennessee accident. Our website can also be a source of ongoing information concerning the relationship between vehicular assault and alcohol.