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Tennessee Teacher Is Charged with Statutory Rape

The laws regarding statutory rape are very clear about ages. The law is also not specific to gender, meaning any adult of age, male or female, can be charged with statutory rape regardless of the gender or willingness of the minor or minors involved. Recently in Tennessee, a female high school teacher made news as she was charged with statutory rape of two male students who were underage.

The teacher accused is 24 years old and taught Spanish at the high school. According to the reports, the teacher sent messages and pictures deemed explicit to the students. It was also reported that she had the students come to her home for sexual encounters.

She is charged with two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure. The age of the students was not reported, only that they were between 13 and 18. There is no word yet as to how the charges will impact her career as a teacher.

Statutory rape charges can be complex and the relationship between the parties involved, victim and perpetrator, can make the case more complex to pursue criminally. While the law is very clear in Tennessee, cases such as this may hinge on witness testimony, digital evidence and other pieces of evidence that may or may not be disputed as part of a solid criminal defense. Statutory rape charges, like any kind of sexual criminal charge, can also have a negative impact on a person's career, home life and reputation in general, which is why a solid defense strategy sooner rather than later may be a wise move on the part of a person charged.

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