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Tennessee Cab Driver Charged with Sex Crimes

Being charged with sex crimes on more than one occasion can lead to serious criminal consequences if a person does not know his or her rights or what legal steps he or she may able to take. According to a recent incident in Tennessee, a cab driver was charged with sex crimes, and it was not the first time he has faced such charges. Detectives also stated that he implicated himself in an interview with authorities.

The latest incident happened on New Year's Eve. The cab driver allegedly fondled a woman who was a passenger in the front of the cab. The woman stated that she asked him to stop. The incident was reported to the cab company, but she says the company did not take the complaint seriously and called the behavior flirtation. She has since filed a suit against the cab company.

The cab driver, who is 56 years old, was indicted on charges of sexual battery and also a count of rape. The man had been previously charged in a sexual assault case against a Belmont University student. He was fired from the taxi driver job.

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Tennessee. Multiple incidents can prove particularly troublesome for a person arrested as he or she tries to prepare a defense strategy. Oftentimes, a sex crimes case will unfold based on the sides of the two people involved and may not rest on the account of any witnesses. It is important for anyone charged to be aware of any physical evidence, if there is any, and also what kind of scenario the other party may recall as part of the investigation. Also, interviews seen as self-implication may be challenged and potentially throw out dependent on the circumstances.

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