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A Vigorous Defense May Be Needed When There Are Prior Convictions

A DUI charge can lead to serious criminal consequences that can have an immediate impact on your life. If you have a previous DUI conviction on your record, it is important to understand how that previous conviction can impact your case. Prior convictions on your record mean a more vigorous defense may be needed and may prove beneficial when facing new charges in Tennessee.

A subsequent offense can mean jail time if and when a conviction is secured. The fines for a second offense also increase, and even more so for subsequent offenses. If the DUI is a fourth offense, it will likely be pursued as a felony charge, which can have lifelong consequences in the event of a guilty finding.

A DUI charge with prior convictions can and should be defended by an experienced legal representative. One of the first steps is to determine the legality of any past convictions. In those cases that result in a conviction, a sentence of jail time can sometimes be reduced if a treatment program is approved. This may be a route to consider when it appears to be in the best interest of the client.

A  DUI defense in Tennessee with prior convictions on a record can be complicated, but with so much on the line, a vigorous defense is imperative. A solid defense can lead to lesser charges, reduced penalties or possibly a dismissal of the charges altogether. Our website contains more information about how we can help anyone facing a DUI with prior convictions on his or her record.