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Crash Leads to Vehicular Homicide Charges for Tennessee Woman

A woman is facing serious charges stemming from a deadly accident in the winter. The Tennessee car accident left two men dead and the driver of another vehicle jailed. The woman alleged to have caused the crash is accused of a number of charges, the most serious of which are several different counts of vehicular homicide. She was scheduled to appear in court on May 6.

The accident took place at an intersection as two men were in a stopped car. The car was behind two other vehicles and was occupied by two men, ages 66 and 64. Reportedly, the accused woman came off a bridge in a Tundra and hit the car in which the two men sat. They were rushed to a Nashville hospital, but both died as a result of the accident.

The woman who hit them was arrested after she was released from a hospital. On the day of the crash, she had just been convicted of a DUI charge from a past incident in which she hit a house. In this latest tragedy, she was charged with drug possession, driving on a revoked license, aggravated vehicular homicide and other vehicular homicide offenses.

Because of her previous conviction for DUI in Tennessee, the new charges could result in stiffer criminal penalties if a new conviction were to be obtained by prosecutors. As with any DUI charge, anyone so accused is presumed innocent until and unless proven otherwise and may benefit from certain defense strategies. Nevertheless, vehicular homicide charges are serious accusations, and the woman -- alongside her defense attorney -- must necessarily focus on the specifics of the allegations as she prepares to face the court.

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