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Pedestrian Death Results in Vehicular Homicide Charge

A Tennessee man is facing criminal charges after an accident involving a pedestrian left one person dead. The accident occurred in Goodlettsville, just in front of the mall. Originally, the man was charged with vehicular assault and a third DUI offense, but charges were upgraded to vehicular homicide after the victim died from his injuries.

According to the report, the man had been at a sports bar where he was drinking most of the evening. He was on his phone when he struck the pedestrian, but he remained at the scene of the accident and cooperated with law enforcement. He was arrested by law enforcement, but it is not immediately clear if a sobriety test was administered at the scene. 

If convicted of vehicular homicide, the Tennessee man may face jail time and other penalties. It is important for a person to seek legal counsel as soon as charges are filed, as a lawyer can help a defendant effectively confront criminal charges and traffic violations of any kind. It may even be possible to mitigate the consequences of a possible conviction. This man would be wise to take immediate steps to protect his interests when facing such a serious criminal charge.

A vehicular homicide charge is serious, but that does not negate the fact that the defendant has rights that must be recognized and protected. With the help of an experienced defense lawyer, a person can understand what legal options are available. After an arrest, it is recommended that a person seek a consultation for a complete explanation of their legal situation and an appropriate defense strategy.

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