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Car Accident in Tennessee Leads to Vehicular Homicide Charges

A multi-vehicle car accident has resulted in injuries to several individuals and the death of one driver. The driver who caused the car accident is now facing a number of serious charges, including charges of vehicular homicide. The Sunday morning crash happened in Memphis, Tennessee.

A 26-year-old female driver was headed in the wrong direction. She hit one vehicle head-on, and that set off a chain reaction that eventually led to two other vehicles getting hit. One woman in the second vehicle, a 62-year-old woman, died at the scene of the accident.

A 42-year-old passenger in the vehicle in which the driver died was said to be in critical condition. Another woman, a 24-year-old passenger in another vehicle, was also said to be in critical condition. In all, six people were injured. Officers on the scene contend they found marijuana, a glass pipe, codeine and alcohol in the 26-year-old's car.

The woman who caused this deadly crash in Tennessee is charged with drug charges, aggravated assault, aggravated vehicular homicide, DUI and other charges. Each charge can be pursued and weighed separately depending on the evidence or facts of the accident. The seriousness of the charges warrants legal examination and guidance as anyone facing this set of charges may find jail time to be on the table if the case is pursued. Certain facts, such as the outcome of any field sobriety tests or blood tests and the way in which a search may have been conducted, can all influence which charges will be pursued and the potential outcome of those criminal charges.

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