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Don't Get Arrested for a Day-After-DUI

Morning came way too soon. But last night you did the right thing by not driving. After drinking late into the night with your friends, the designated driver got you home safely.

But think twice about driving into work. Though a few hours have passed since your last drink and you got some sleep, it's possible that you are still over the .08 blood alcohol limit. That's because the body eliminates alcohol slowly. If you drive too soon and you are stopped by the police, you could be arrested for DUI.

How Long Does It Take for the Body to Eliminate Alcohol?

The following example illustrates the risk one takes by driving too soon after a night of heavy drinking. Keep in mind the fact that a person's weight, metabolism, and other factors can affect the rate at which that person's body oxidizes alcohol.

Typically, the body can reduce blood alcohol content by about .02% every one to two hours. If you are at the legal limit of .08 blood alcohol, then completely eliminating your blood alcohol may take four to eight hours. However, if your blood alcohol is .15 or higher when you stop drinking, you could still be over the limit after four or five hours.

Think Twice Before You Drive

Coffee or a cold shower might make you feel more alert after a night of heavy drinking, but they do nothing to eliminate the alcohol that's already in your bloodstream. Rather than risking a DUI arrest, ask your spouse or a friend to drive you to work, take the bus, or call in sick.

If you have been charged for DUI, remember that not every DUI arrest results in a conviction. Speak with an experienced DUI defense lawyer about your legal options.