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What Is a Plea Negotiation?

Tennessee residents who find themselves facing multiple charges of moderate severity may be offered the chance to enter a plea negotiation. You may have even heard the term and are interested in what it means, and whether or not it can help your situation.

According to the Legal Dictionary, a plea negotiation (also known as a plea agreement or plea bargain) is essentially a way to lessen the charges you face, or reduce their severity, by either pleading no contest or guilty. This can actually be beneficial to both you and the system, as courts are often put under great pressure to move through cases rapidly. In accepting a plea bargain, you eliminate the need to go through the trial process to determine guilt or innocence.

It can also be beneficial to you. Not only will it give all parties involved control over the resolution of the case, but it can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the outcome. Additionally, the reduced charges are often amenable to both parties. It's also been shown that plea bargains are quite common as well, so despite the negative press the deals can get, they're working well enough and acceptable enough to courts to involve 90 percent of criminal cases.

If you are facing heavy or multiple charges and you aren't sure what to do, a plea bargain may be something to look into. It isn't for everyone and there are certain stipulations and circumstances that courts apply to all cases, but it might be right for you.