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Tennessee Woman Faces Drunk Driving Charges

People who have been accused of driving under the influence may be seen in a negative light by members of the local community. However, the justice system presumes these individuals to be innocent unless proved guilty. One woman in Tennessee is currently facing this scenario after being arrested on drunk driving charges.

According to police, the woman, 32, was driving on a late April morning when the incident that led to her arrest occurred. In the car with her were her two children, ages 7 and 10. At around 7:20 a.m., the woman reportedly crashed at a local elementary school.

When police got to the accident scene, they allegedly discovered that the woman's speech was slurred and found that she could not stand steadily on her feet. Authorities said the woman told officers that she had taken multiple mood medications, and she ended up failing a sobriety test. The woman was transported to the hospital to take a blood test and then jailed. Neither of her children were hurt in the crash, which took place in the school's parking lot.

The Tennessee woman, just like anyone else in Tennessee who is arrested for a crime, is innocent unless a prosecutor can present evidence to prove otherwise. The results of breath tests and field sobriety tests may be presented as evidence when a person is arrested on drunk driving charges. These forms of evidence can be effectively fought in the same manner as other pieces of evidence can be challenged in a court of law. Anyone arrested and facing charges may want to understand the types of evidence that are to be used against him or her and which defense options may be used to refute the charges.

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