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Domestic Violence Charges in Smyrna, Tennessee

Domestic violence charges in Smyrna are prosecuted in Smryna's Municipal Court. The address for the court is 400 Eno Springs Road, Smyrna, Tennessee. Court is held on Wednesdays at 1:30 for all domestic violence charges.

What happens if you have been charged with a domestic violence charge in Smyrna? Once you have been arrested and bonded out of jail, the court will set an initial appearance date. At the initial appearance date, you must appear in court. Also, the complaining witness may be present in court. Your attorney may discuss the case to determine if the case can be resolved or bond conditions may be addressed. A settlement of your domestic violence charge can range from dismissal to retirement to a conviction.

In the event a resolution cannot be reached, the case will be reset in order to subpoena the arresting officer or any other additional witnesses. At the next court date, your criminal defense lawyer will again discuss the case with the assistant district attorney general. Some studies show 95% of all criminal cases are resolved without a jury trial. If the case can still not be resolved. you can have a preliminary hearing or a bench trial if the domestic assault charge is a misdemeanor. never waive your right to a preliminary hearing.

A domestic violence charge is serious. Treat it that way. A domestic violence charge has important collateral consequences such as your right to own or possess a firearm. Protect your rights. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend your rights. Never go to criminal court without a lawyer.