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Consequences Of A Tennessee DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction in Tennessee can have drastic effects on your life other than the loss of your driver's license. A DUI conviction presents a wide range of effects that can last a lifetime. The following is a list problem of penalties that may follow a DUI conviction.

Court-Related Punishment Of A Tennessee DUI Conviction

1. Criminal Record — A DUI conviction in Tennessee is forever. A DUI conviction cannot be expunged from your record under Tennessee law. It cannot be removed from your record and a conviction will not go away with age. You will take it with you forever.

2. Probation — Mandatory probation will be up to 11 months and 29 days, minus any days in jail for a misdemeanor offense, and up to six (6) years of probation may be required for a fourth-offense DUI.

3. Jail Time — Under Tennessee criminal law, DUI convictions carry mandatory jail time. A first-offense DUI carries a mandatory 48 hours in jail. A second-offense DUI carries a mandatory 45 days in jail. A felony DUI conviction carries a mandatory 150 days in jail.

4. Fines — The minimum fine for a DUI first-offense is $350 and it ranges up to $15,000 for a felony DUI.

5. Mandatory Alcohol Safety School — A mandatory alcohol safety school class must be taken with all DUI convictions. If you are convicted of a multiple DUI offense the court or probation officer could order extensive outpatient treatment including the attendance of AA meetings.

6. Ignition Interlock Device — In some circumstances, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car.

7. Community Service — The Tennessee state legislature passed a law several years ago which requires a person convicted of a DUI first offense to do 24 hours of roadside garbage pick up. It is required by law.

8. License Suspension — The length of your driver's license suspension varies depending on prior DUI convictions and those dates of convictions. If you have enough DUI convictions within a period of time, you may be declared a habitual motor vehicle offender.

9. Revocation — If convicted and you receive a restricted driver's license and you are caught driving outside the approved hours or days of the restricted license, your restricted license can be revoked and you will be charged with a new crime and possibly have your probation revoked.

Non-Court Related Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

10. A commercial driver's license may be suspended for one (1) year, or for a second DUI conviction a commercial driver's license can be revoked for life.

11. If caught driving on a suspended license or a multiple DUI offense, your car could be impounded and subject to civil forfeiture.

Insurance Problems

12. First, you can have increased insurance costs on auto, life and possibly health insurance. Second, SR-22, or an assigned high-risk insurance policy, is required for a number of years after conviction for a DUI offense.

13. SR-22 Insurance — It is required for a restricted license. This is assigned risk insurance at a higher rate for several years to maintain driving privileges once they are reinstated.

14. Life insurance companies may deny policy issuance or raise their rates.

15. New applications for individual health insurance policies could be increased or possibly denied.

Citizenship And Travel Issues

16. A DUI conviction will prohibit you from traveling to some countries, especially Canada.

17. A DUI conviction could be a reason to deny naturalization.

18. You face possible deportation from the United States to the country of your origin if you are not a United States citizen.

19. Green card renewal for a work permit may be denied or delayed. In Nashville, Tennessee, if an illegal alien is arrested, you will have an immigration and customs enforcement hold placed on you and you will possibly be transported to deportation after your case is concluded.

Employment Issues

20. If you have a company car, the employee manual from your job may require disclosure to your employer.

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