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Tennessee county commissioner sentenced for 2012 DUI

No matter who you are, if you are convicted of drunk driving in Tennessee, then you could face harsh penalties. For example, many out-of-state drivers aren't aware that a DUI conviction in Tennessee carries a mandatory jail sentence of 48 hours even for first-time offenses. A second offense results in 45 days in jail, and a subsequent felony offense carries 150 days in jail.

DUI charges follow collision with Donelson Waffle House

Just to illustrate, let's say you've been accused of not only driving while under the influence; you've also been accused of causing injury to another person. In that case, you're probably facing a charge of vehicular assault. In Tennessee, for you to be convicted of DUI assault, a prosecutor will have to prove that alcohol -- and your being intoxicated by it -- was the proximate cause of the other person's injury.

Tennessee Senate action slated on electronic search warrant bill

Donating blood is a good thing. It saves lives. However, the benefits of volunteering to give blood don't necessarily extend to circumstances in which police seek to get a sample of blood to bolster a charge of driving under the influence against a suspect.

Could DUI arrest mark end of Tennessee police officer's career?

The effects of a charge of driving under the influence tend to be felt long before any actual resolution of the case. Penalties often tend to follow the mere leveling of drunk driving charges in Tennessee, which is why contacting an experienced attorney early is recommended.


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