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What Is a Felony Stop?

Most of us are familiar with routine traffic stops. These occur when a police officer observes a driver violating a traffic law. They are usually uneventful unless the officer finds probable cause to arrest the driver for a crime such as DUI or drug possession.

There is another type of police stop that is much more intense and dangerous for everyone involved - the felony stop. Every felony stop involves the use of force or threat of force by the police. In this blog post, you will learn what happens during a felony stop. The information should be of great interest to those who are subject to a felony warrant or their family members.

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What happens during a felony stop?

Felony stops are rare and are much more intrusive than regular traffic stops. They are conducted when:

  • The police see a vehicle that has been reported as stolen.
  • The police see a vehicle they know to have just been used in a crime.
  • A felony warrant has been issued for the registered owner of a vehicle and the police know or have reason to believe the owner is in the vehicle.

Felony stops are also known as high-risk stops, because of the possibility of violence. Almost all such stops involve multiple officers and squad cars, and some also involve aerial surveillance.

In a felony stop, the police usually approach the stopped vehicle cautiously. They will order the driver and passengers out of the vehicle at gunpoint. The police will then search and handcuff the driver and passengers before placing them in the back seat of a squad car. Throughout the process, the officers will attempt to maintain absolute control over the situation.

Take action to obtain legal representation

Has a felony warrant been issued for someone you love? Know that sooner or later, the police will find and arrest that person. If the arrest involves force or the threat of force in a felony stop, the situation could spiral out of control.

By obtaining representation now from an experienced criminal defense attorney, it could prevent a potential tragedy from happening. The attorney can arrange for your loved one to be taken into custody in a safe and non-violent way. He or she can then start building a defense effort that could produce an acceptable outcome for your loved one.