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What are the possible consequences of a DUI?

In Tennessee, drunk driving is also referred to as driving under the influence, or DUI. Most states set their own laws when it comes to blood alcohol concentration limits, license revocations, criminal sentences and implied consent for drivers. According to FindLaw, when a driver’s BAC is .08 or higher in the state, the driver is considered legally drunk. If the BAC hits .20 or higher, there are additional penalties for drinking and driving.

Local authorities arrest man in multiple-murder case

The natural reaction from many in Nashville after hearing of violent crimes having been committed may often be to immediately demand justice on behalf of the victims. Those demands may not only place undue pressure on law enforcement officials to rush to coming up with the conclusion of a case, but also to automatically assign guilt to whomever comes under suspicion. The trouble with this method of thinking is that defendants are considered to be innocent until proven guilty, and thus entitled to a fair trial in which they can respond to the charges that are leveled against them. Too much media scrutiny could potential prejudice those put in a position to decide the outcomes of their cases. 

Are you eligible for expungement in Tennessee?

Having certain offenses on your criminal record has the capacity to come back to negatively affect your life, but it does not necessarily have to remain that way. If you can meet the eligibility criteria, you may be able to request to have your Tennessee criminal record expunged, which essentially means that your criminal record will not be revealed to people outside the criminal justice system.

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