Vigorously Defending The Licenses Of Medical Doctors

The loss of a Tennessee medical license means the loss of your income and your livelihood. You will also lose your ability to practice in other states. You have spent years of your life learning the science and art of medicine. Your career is too valuable not to defend it strategically and aggressively.

Rob McKinney is a Nashville attorney with extensive experience defending the licenses of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. Mr. McKinney understands the Board of Medical Examiners' investigation and disciplinary process and the internal dynamics of that organization. He will represent you at all stages of the legal process, working diligently to protect your license and minimize the threat to your career and reputation.

Rob McKinney represents doctors and other medical professionals throughout Tennessee.

For a free consultation about a medical license defense case, call the Law Office of Rob McKinney at 615-686-2115.

The Time To Act Is Now

If you have been contacted by an investigator for the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners, or you have been arrested for a crime unrelated to the practice of medicine, you should obtain legal advice as soon as possible. Responding to an investigator's inquiries without legal advice could negatively affect your ability to obtain a positive outcome in your case. Rob McKinney can provide a confidential, no-obligation case review. If necessary, he can start preparing your defense immediately.

Criminal defense is the primary focus of Rob McKinney's law practice. He is skilled at gathering and analyzing evidence, arguing before courts and defending the rights of his clients. Though the Board of Medical Examiners is a unique venue, these are precisely the skills that are advantageous when defending professional licenses. When representing you, Rob McKinney will vigorously defend your license.

Contact An Experienced Professional License Defense Lawyer

To schedule a free consultation, contact the Law Office of Rob McKinney by calling 615-686-2115. Rob McKinney represents doctors and other medical professionals throughout Tennessee.